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Use Web Video to Gain More Website Traffic

Posted on 12/16/2010 by Brian Petti

Your Website design conveys the first impression that potential customers receive about your company. Having short video features about your company can heighten visibility on such sites as You Tube and Google. Video clips also provide a human element to your site if you company president is giving a brief overview of the company and can help to educate your customers . Its become rare to visit a Web site that doesnt have some form of video contained within.

Todays consumer generally prefers video content to text primarily because the video shows proof that real people at your company can resolve problems or you can resolve them yourself simply by using information contained within the video. Videos can be shared via blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and countless others further enhancing your online marketing efforts.

Video marketing is one of the most useful forms of viral and online marketing. Most of your customers who view your video almost always respond to your advertisement. With mobile search on the rise and phones such as iPhone causing a stir in the mobile search market, video marketing is expected to become the top form of online marketing.

Picture this. By no means is video the only answer to your online marketing initiatives, but when used as part of a wider campaign, video can deliver amazing results. If you are interested in Web Video for your website, please contact us today and well give you a free quote.

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