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30 Awesome Free Google Fonts Samples using Funny One Liners

Posted on 05/19/2014 by Brian Petti

Fonts are one of the most important factors that are capable to make or destroy the impact of an article. If a writer uses wrong fonts according to the subject or writes with bigger fonts, the content will appear to look unattractive and readers will simply ignore them. Being a writer, you should have a complete knowledge when to use a certain type of font and what should the size.

In this article, we are going to discuss about 30 different Google Fonts that are used in almost all websites, blogs to make the text catchy and appealing for the readers.

  1. Open sans

    This Google font has been designed by Steve Matteson with 10 different styles that are capable to compliment all types of writers’ needs. It is a top rated, most used font of Google that works as an alternative for Arial.
  2. Roboto

    With an ability to make a text simple yet eye catchy, Roboto is another Google font that can be used instead of Arial. Writers can modify it according to the content requirements- like they can bold it, convert the writing into italic etc.
  3. Oswald

    Created by Vernon Adams, Oswald is the third most popular Google font used by most of the writers. It is a bit similar to Arial Narrow and therefore, proved to be a perfect suit for article writing requirements.
  4. Lato

    Here is the next famous Google font on the internet that was created by Lukasz Dziedzic. This is a font that is normally used on websites to write titles and sometimes, owners use it in their logos.
  5. Droid Sans

    With 2 amazing writing styles, Steven Matteson has introduced another font under the name Droid Sans. This font is somewhat similar to Lato and therefore, can be used as a perfect style to write titles and text on the website.
  6. Open Sans Condensed

    With 3 writing styles, Steve Matteson has given an amazing way to make content attractive.
  7. PT Sans

    Let your content shine and cater attention of many readers with PT Sans that is available in 4 styles by ParaType.
  8. Yanone Kaffeesatz

    This font is another amazing way to create appeal and attraction in the readers. With 4 catchy, it is really something different.
  9. Oxygen

    Vernon Adams has made Oxygen in such a way that writers can easily use it to write titles for their websites and influence readers to access them regularly.
  10. Ubuntu

    Dalton Maag created this writing style having 8 categories to match the content needs.
  11. Raleway

    This Google font is available in 9 styles by Multiple Designers. They developed such type of fonts that are capable to transform as per the users’ needs.
  12. Montserrat

    Another simple yet wonderful fonts style to choose. It will efficiently compliment the requirements of writers.
  13. Source Sans Pro

    It is designed by Paul D. Hunt in 12 different styles so that users can easily find a match of their choice.
  14. Arimo

    Steve Matteson has proved himself in making remarkable fonts for the use of writers. His another work is available under the name Arimo that has 4 styles.
  15. PT Sane Narrow

    It is somewhat similar to Arial Narrow and available in 2 styles by ParaType.
  16. Merriweather

    You can trust this Google font in being capable to deliver all types of benefits you wish.
  17. Francois One

    Vernon Adamsn, the creator, designed this font just to facilitate writers so that they can make their content attractive and enhance their web presence.
  18. Lobster

    It is the first font that is provided with a touch of italic- easy to integrate and simple to use.
  19. Arvo

    This Google font has some features of Times New Roman that make it different from other writing styles in the list.
  20. Bitter

    Huerta Tipografica has designed this font after Arvo as he modified the writing font and added a few features to make it different.
  21. Titillium Web

    Writers will be able to avail 11 different styles of this font and make their text to look interesting and decent.
  22. Noto Sans

    This is designed by Google experts and is used frequently on websites throughout the web.
  23. Dosis

    Pablo Impallari made this font to enable writers make content according to the requirements of the respective page. It has 7 styles to be used as the nature of website.
  24. Varela Round

    Joe Prince made a font named Varela Round in order to allow writers give an impression of Calibri since most of the readers like text written in it.
  25. Play

    Jones Hecksher introduced Play just to give something different from Arial, Calibri and Arial Narrow.
  26. Shadows into Light

    This unique font is normally used in writing stories or something really exciting, thrilling. Authors normally use it on their book covers.
  27. Playfair Display

    You can conveniently use Playfair Display to enhance the appeal of your writing. It is a decent and wonderful font style to write with.
  28. Roboto Slab

    Christian Robertson has designed this font in such a way that writers can easily use it wherever they want.
  29. Rokkitt

    Vernon Adams got inspired from Beskerville Old Face and therefore, designed Rokkitt to give another option of writing content interestingly.
  30. Indie Flower

    This font gives an impression that a person has written it in his/her own hand writing.