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How to Increase Your Facebook Fans with Your Content

Posted on 11/26/2012 by Brian Petti

Out of all the different social media websites that allow businesses to create pages and accounts, Facebook has the most users by a wide margin. This means that no matter what a business does or sells, its customers are using, interacting, and engaging on Facebook. So the question is: “How can a business get more people talking about it?

One mistake business owners or online marketing managers make when posting on their business’s Facebook page is they don’t connect with their audience or fan base, even though they know what their main demographic is. There are a few reasons for this. One reason is failing to post interesting information regularly enough. It’s very important to be active on Facebook, posting often as well as commenting and engaging people who respond or comment themselves.

Another reason the way these businesses miss the mark when it comes to connecting with potential fans, especially when the content being posted is too self-promotional. People use social media to connect with others and find interesting information about what they like. They don’t use Facebook so that they can be marketed to (think of how annoying commercials can be when watching a TV show).

Businesses that only post about their products, their company, and other related news will eventually lose fans and followers. Most Facebook users do not find these types of posts interesting, especially if they’re not even familiar with the company posting. Posts should be about topics that relate to the business’s main demographic, even if that topic does not relate to the business or industry at all. Potential followers/customers will be much more likely to engage with posts that relate to their personal interests, become a fan of a company or business that understands them, and buy from a company that they have grown to enjoy and respect.

Facebook apps and/or contests are also great ways to grow a following. Everyone loves winning free merchandise or products, and Facebook is the perfect arena to give those away. These contest applications are great ways to acquire fans by giving them a chance to win something in exchange for their personal information, such as an email address. They can also generate buzz through news feeds of both their current fans and friends of those fans.

Other information that is great to share is high quality, well written blog posts, current news, industry influencers’ posts and videos, polls, and lists. Also, when sharing, it’s also a good idea to include a big, eye-catching photo or graphic to grab the attention of Facebook users.

By spreading great content on Facebook and through other social media channels, businesses can directly engage both current and potential customers, make a great impression, and grow an online following. By treating Facebook with respect and not over-promoting, any business can ultimately make a big difference on their bottom line.