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Zumex Juicer at the Cleveland Zoo

Posted on 06/22/2011 by Brian Petti

This past weekend, my wife and I had the chance to take our niece to the Cleveland Zoo. We were like many others who wanted to see the new elephant exibit. The elepants were amazing and our niece had the biggest smile on her face from looking at the large animals. She asked us all sorts of questions, but mainly she was interested in the trunk and how they used it for basically everything. But thats not the reason for this article.

On our way to see them, we stopped by the Lemonade Hut to grab a drink. We ordered a couple of drinks and to our amazement (really just me because Im a nerd about technology), saw a new type of juicer machine was recently installed that cuts the lemon in half and squeezes all the juice out right in front of us with a see-through panel. The lady just put a few whole lemons at the top of the machine and we watched them get sliced and squeezed by just a touch of a button. The drink was made perfectly and we didnt have all of the pulp and seeds that you normally get from the hand squeezed lemonade. I thought that this could be really cool for Hotels and Grocery stores so I wrote the of the machine down, Zumex, and looked up the folks who installed them, DrinkFreshlySqueezed.com.

Im not being paid to write this or anything, I just thought it was neat and I have some family and clients that would probably be interested in taking a look.

Heres a video I found of the machine in action.