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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Web Design Company

Posted on 05/31/2011 by Brian Petti

Every business should have a website these days. The reason is because almost everyone turns to the internet for answers. Whether it’s to buy something online, or find a service that’s close by, it’s much easier than opening the phonebook or newspaper.

If you know you need a website designed, or know that your website needs updated, there are a few options out there to get the job done. The most popular option is to hire a web design company. Here are some pros and cons to using a web design company, and what you can expect as the results.


Custom for your business – A good web design company will be able to create a website that is custom just for your business. You will be able to work with them to come up with a layout and overall theme that fits with the type of business you have. The web design company can integrate a shopping cart into the site if needed, and also a CMS, or content management system, to control the information throughout the site. By having a custom and professional looking website, your business will stand out from competitors online.

Site will be Optimized Search Engine Optimization helps search engines like Google to rank your website for keywords that people search for. There are techniques that need to be done correctly when creating your website so that the search engines and crawl through it and find the information they are looking for. A good web design company will be able to implement these techniques from the beginning. SEO is very important if you want traffic to your website. Be sure that the web design company you hire has solid background knowledge in SEO.

Done Correctly and in a Timely Manner – There’s no sense in you trying to learn web coding because you want to save a little money. Hiring a web design company should be viewed at as an investment. When a website is done correctly, it will engage viewers and get them to convert into customers. Also, web designers can get a site together in a timely manner. Remember that your website will be the first impression online visitors get of your company. You don’t want that first impression to be a bad one.


More Expensive – Web design companies are more expensive than doing the job yourself or using templates like WordPress. But keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Although the price may be a bit higher, the result you will get will out-weigh the cost.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. By hiring a web design company such as Orchard Designs in Mentor, Ohio, you will get a custom, high quality website that is already optimized for searches engines.