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Improving your Website's Conversions with Video SEO

Posted on 05/31/2011 by Brian Petti

Have you been thinking about adding videos to your website? Have you recently added a web video but haven’t noticed any results? There are techniques to use that can improve your conversions, as well as get more traffic to both your video and your website. Here are some common mistakes people make with regards to video SEO.

Video content is not unique or poorly produced
Sometimes people think along the lines that by having a video out there they are better off that not having one. This is not true. Having a poorly produced video or a boring, irrelevant video can influence visitors and/or customers negatively. The reason to create a video is to personally engage viewers so they stay on your site longer, come to you for information, or convert by purchasing or signing up for an email newsletter. Make your videos top quality with unique and interesting content so visitors return to your website to convert.

Having one long video instead of a library of short ones
People have a very short attention span. Unless you have the most interesting story to tell, most people aren’t going to watch all of your 15 minute long video. Break your videos up into smaller videos. These videos should resemble the keywords or themes you are shooting to rank for. Having shorter, more targeted videos will increase conversions, as well as improve your rankings. You can cross link one of your videos to another by mentioning them, too. This will increase views across your video library. Remember, by shooting shorter videos and grabbing the viewer’s attention, you can get viewers to stay on your site longer and convert at a higher rate.

Not creating a Video Sitemap
It is important to let Google know how to index your pages containing video. It’s also important to let search engines know about the video itself. That can be accomplished with a video sitemap. A video sitemap tags videos no your site.

Not using a transcription service
By using a transcription service you can show search engines exactly what the video contains. You can either type your own transcript, or use a service.

Web Video has been growing year after year, and will continue to do so in the near future. Improve your web videos with these simple search engine optimization tips. You can improve your conversions as well as your traffic.

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