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Working with your Web Design Company to choose the right Keywords

Posted on 01/22/2011 by Brian Petti

If you are relying on organic search to get traffic to your website, then choosing the right keywords is essential to your website building, designing, and marketing process.

Keywords are the building blocks to getting customers to your website through organic search and through pay per click search. It is so important to choose the right keywords for your site, optimize pages for those keywords within your site, and then link build for those keywords.

When working with a web design company, you should work together in establishing which keywords are important for the website. These keywords should be both “branded keywords” and “non-branded keywords”. Branded keywords are keywords containing the business name or brand. Other keywords include general keywords about the business and the market the business is in, the products or services being sold, and any other relevant information about the business or market.

The web design company should be able to assess each keyword and gauge the difficultly to rank for that keyword. By choosing relative keywords that are easier to rank for, you will be able to increase your chances to gain traffic from those keywords. Once the main keywords are chosen, pages should be made and optimized for each of those keywords. These pages should contain useful content directily relating to the keyword for that page.

Good web design companies know the correct processes in determining which keywords would be the best keywords to optimize for. If you have never chosen keywords or evaluated the keyword process before, then you should definitely let a professional assist you. Small changes in the way a keyword phrase is written could be the difference between a highly competitive keyword and a great opportunity.

Choosing keywords further along in the buying process will also help your conversions increase. Many times these keywords are “long-tail keywords”. These keywords aren’t highly searched for, but the people searching for these keywords are usually ready to buy. Finding the right long tail keywords can be difficult, so again if you haven’t done it before, you should work with you web design company.

If you are selling products or services, adding words such as “review” or “buy” to the keyword phrase may also help improve conversions. These are also keywords that are considered further along in the buying process. People that are using these types of searches want to know more information about products to they can make a purchase.

Overall, web design companies should understand the keyword selection process so they are able to design pages and content relevant to those keywords. By working with a knowledgeable web design company such as Orchard Designs, you will be able to get more traffic and increase sales or conversions.